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Technology to empower

We believe that technology only make sense when it help us to improve. More free. That´s why we promote cloud and web solutions, joint together with mobile apps. We think our costumers should face their challenges using the most advanced technology.

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A multisectorial approach

Broad functionality to meet not only sector needs but also those unique to your own business model. Benefit from the best practices really face your main corcerns.

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The art of designing processes

We don´t just provide software and installation services. We put our minds at work in order to design the most suitable and efficient processes for your business needs. Turning your management into a competitive advantage.

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The distinguising factor

Only those companies able to build a solid business model can withstand the competition of markets. We think that every company is unique therefore working closely with our customers we make adapt the solution to your needs.

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The art of managing

Manage companies is dealing with living organisms. Companies require incessant and organized information flows that connect and articulate each of its parts.

GoLive provides business systems that enable these flows circulate properly, giving a real and effective support to its business model.

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The hidden part of your company

Delivering a product to your costumers its a great effort that requires huge amounts of work. Many people collaborating sometimes from different locations interacting with costumers, suppliers, goverments and competitors.

We provide you solutions to manage such complexity. In order to have your work done in the best way possible.

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